Lowering the cost of your Van Insurance

There are a number of actions you can take to make sure you are getting the best value on your van insurance. The following are some helpful tips to help you achieve this:

  1. Smaller vans pay less for insurance. All vans insured in this country are generally rated on their carrying capacity ie. how much load they can carry. So the larger the van the higher the premium. It therefore makes sense when purchasing a commercial vehicle to try and select a vehicle which is appropriate to your needs.
  2. With some insurance companies security of the vehicle is also a rating factor. Therefore it is important to advise your insurance company that the vehicle has an alarm and/or immobiliser.
  3. Younger drivers (under 25) on commercial vehicles also add considerably to the premium as they are deemed less experienced and attract higher premiums. Always check the cost with and without the young driver to make sure the extra premium is a worthwhile expense. Open driving may also be worth considering.
  4. Drivers with claims and convictions are also a lot more expensive and difficult to insure.
  5. If your insuring a commercial vehicle for the first time and you already have a no claim bonus on a private car,most of our Insurance Company partners will allow you a full introductory no claims bonus on your new commercial vehicle policy. This will enable you continue enjoying the cost benefit of your no claims bonus on your car as well as your new van policy. This introductory bonus can make your new van policy very affordable.
  6. Insure your van for the appropriate value. Insurance companies in the event of a total loss claim will only pay you the current market value to replace your vehicle.
  7. If you are registered for vat you only need to insure the vehicle for the current market value less the vat element (21%)
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