What am I covered for?
As well as your Tools of Trade your policy covers you for loss or damage to goods relating to your business, both your own property and which you may be liable for, if damaged or stolen from the van or light commercial vehicle, details of which are stated in your Certificate of Insurance.
In addition your policy covers you for damage whilst such property is being loaded or unloaded from the vehicles, or (if not otherwise insured) whilst kept overnight in a locked private house, building or garage.

How much am I covered for?
The policy covers you up to the monetary limit which is stated in your certificate, a choice of €1,000, €2,000 or €5,000, less the amount of the policy excess (the first amount of any claim which you must pay yourself) which is €130.

Are there any special requirements relating to vehicle security?
Yes: where your van or commercial vehicle is left unattended during the daytime:
you must ensure that all the doors windows and other openings are left closed, securely locked, and properly fastened and that entry or access to the vehicle has been made by forcible or violent means.

Theft of goods from an open backed vehicle or pick-up is not covered.

Are there any special requirements where property is left in the vehicle overnight?
Yes: Unless your vehicle is either:
Locked or parked in a secure compound which is itself secured by locked gates or
garaged in a building which is securely closed or fitted with an alarm and parked on your driveway or off road adjacent to your home in a well-lit area no cover will apply where the vehicle is left unattended for the night.

Are there any types of vehicle or property which cannot be covered?
Yes: Cover is not available for the following vehicles and property:
Goods in Tipper Vehicles
Perishable Goods
Goods carried in Temperature Controlled Vehicles
Living Creatures, Money and Securities
Jewellery, Watches, Furs, Cameras, Lap Top Computers, Audio and/or Visual and/or Audio-visual equipment, belonging to vehicle drivers.
Property carried or dispatched for Hire or Reward

What do I do if I change my vehicle?
If you permanently replace your vehicle with a new one, you must tell us and provide details of the make, model and registration number, to ensure your Goods in Transit cover is transferred.
You are covered whilst using a temporary replacement vehicle, whilst your own is in for servicing or repair subject to the existing security requirements being in place.

What do I do in the event of a claim?
Should you need to make a claim under your policy, you must:

Advise Insure Your Van as soon as possible.

Give immediate notice to the Garda Siochana or other police authority in respect of Damage caused by theft or vandalism.